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08 May 2012 @ 07:25 pm
I made a small number of Loki icons. They aren't very good. But I felt like trying.

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29 October 2011 @ 09:48 pm
Well it seems that we have a new president: Michael D Higgins. Who I must admit, when I first saw his campaign posters I laughed and said "no chance." Oh how deceptive appearances can be.
My dad's not impressed. He calls him the Leprechaun. And my friends mother is worried about his state visits to America. Those crazy Yanks already think leprechauns exist. We're basically confirming it now by sending him over. Dear God, please don't ever let him wear a green suit.

I listen into his speech when it was announced he won. I must say, I'm glad I voted for him.

"I love our shared island, our shared Ireland and its core decency. I love it for its imagination and its celebration of the endless possibilities for our people,"

"As we leave behind a narrow revisionism that valued a person for what was assumed to be their accumulated wealth but neglected the connection between the person, the social, the community and the nation. That is what we all leave behind now for which a million people have given me a mandate.

"Now we must respond collectively and co-operatively for what we all must recognise as our shared problems - be it unemployment, mortgage distress or any form of exclusion," he said. "We must now work to our strengths at home and abroad. Not only co-operatively and collectively but sustainably for the benefit of all our of our present generations and those to come."

18 October 2011 @ 07:07 pm
As films go, there isn't that many that I see that, when the credits role, I want to remain in my seat and await another showing. Actually I've never wanted to before - and there has been many films that I loved straight away.
But there was just something extra special about Midnight in Paris.

I honestly can't get over how much I adored it. And I know I bandy about that word "adore" often, but this time I truly mean it more than all the other times.

For those who've not heard of the film it stars Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and a whole host of other actors *cough*Michael Sheen*cough* Their trip to Paris turns mysterious when, at the stroke of midnight, a car pulls up along side Owen Wilson's wanna-be-serious-author character Gil and transports him back to Paris during it's golden age (or what he considers to be its golden age - ala 1920s)
Some of the references where kinda lost on me, it's to be expected as there are so many, but the ones I got where hilarious - Adrien Brody as Salvador Dali, Adrien de Van as Luis Bunuel (when he keeps asking why people wouldn't be able to leave the room. SO FUNNY!) and of course, Corey Stroll as Hemingway. Perfect!

It was seriously all so brilliant. The warm lighting used - I loved most especially the fact that it wasn't numbed down for the present day as some films would to create a warmth for the nostalgic scenes. But I guess that was the aim of the film. To discuss this rose tinted view of the past that people have.

Now if it wasn't bad enough my desire for a Parisian attic apartment while I scrap through life as an failed author - damn you Julian Carax! It's all your fault - I now want it all the more after viewing this film. It's fortunate I'm lazy and bad at learning languages, otherwise I just might be very tempted.

Anyone thinking about seeing this film - go see it. It won't disappoint. Anyone thinking they don't want to go see this film - go see it. It's brilliant!

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15 October 2011 @ 08:45 pm
I don't think I will be able to do it this time. The Avengers is out next year and try as I may I won't be about to root for the good guy. Not this time. Not when they are up against Loki.

I LOVE LOKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tom Hiddleston was in this months issue of Total Film and mentioned that Loki faces off against Iron Man, The Hulk but it's his "brother" Thor that packs the punch. :D Ooooh so exciting.

Please allow me to pic spam the shit out of Loki.

picspam...well sort ofCollapse )
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08 October 2011 @ 06:08 pm

Dear Computer,


Die in a fire, preferably not a fire in my house, more one in the shape of a Halloween bonfire.



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04 October 2011 @ 07:50 pm
Allow me a tiny celebratory post: I finally, after almost two damned years, finished my Aro/Emily fic.

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04 October 2011 @ 06:27 pm
You know when people say "I'm not racist but..." and you instantly thinking "they so are racist." Well think what you will because I'm about to say this  - I'm not racist but...a black Heathcliff kinda makes me sad.

The latest version of Wuthering Heights hits theatres in November and it's somewhat different to what came before.

I know. I know. Why can't Heathcliff be black? I guess there is no reason, you can ascertain from the text that the inclination of many of the characters never having warmed to Heathcliff, as him being "beneath" them could be less about his orphan status and more his colour. Of course you'll be far reaching as there is most probably no way on this earth that a lady raised as Isabelle was would have eloped with someone of colour in those times. She expected Edgar to get over her betrayal in time. Was she so naive to assume he, a man in such prominence, would forgive her for a mix raced marriage when society shunned women like her? While never a favourite character of mine I have never been in the "Isabella is an idiot" camp. Many slam her but I always felt slightly sorry for her and her isolation, but that said I don't think she was completely out of scope with how the larger world worked.

But my thing is, out of all the past adaptations I have never seen MY HEATHCLIFF. I was really hoping this time they'd get it right, but judging from the trailer it hasn't captured what I hoped it would capture. In fact it looks like it's all brooding with desperate looks. Which just feels too damn emo for my liking.
The cinematography brings to mind Bright Star. I wasn't too keen on that film as again I felt it rested itself too heavily on the surroundings which resulted in the story not being told justly.

Although this all said I am hoping that I will soon eat my words when I see it :)
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17 September 2011 @ 09:57 pm
I am blogging this for no reason other than the fact that I've just bawled my eyes out while watching it.

The video isn't perfect, but it's close.

Oh Snape *sniff*
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17 September 2011 @ 07:07 pm
So I didn't get to see Fright Night the other evening. My two local cinema's only had screenings of the 3D version, despite one of them advertising 2D also.
I was not impressed!
I refused to see it. For a reason why I refused it it's the fact that I am so stick of having 3D shoved upon me. It doesn't enhance anything. If anything it distracts you. Things will pass in front of the characters; I think the idea is to give the film a more natural vibe. But it only serves to remind you that you are watching a film. Which annoys me. It's bad enough when someones dire acting reminds you you're spending money on this.

Another reason why I loathe it is because deep down inside of me there is still a little speccy four-eyed girl, who can't see without a pair of thick glasses for the life of her.
3D movies back when I had glasses only served to give me a bigger headache, and a pain in my ass trying to fit the glasses above my own.
And that's just people with glasses. People who are colour blind are also fucked in regards 3D.

I really really really hope this isn't the way of the future for film.

Although...look what I just read
13 September 2011 @ 06:06 pm
I'm lusting after Michael Fassbender again. GAWD! This can't be healthy. I should be out getting a boyfriend of my own - but I don't actually want one. I'm much to fucked up in the head right now to try and deal with another persons crazy on top of own as well.

Tis the single life for me so.

But, yeah, back to what I was talking about: Michael the ride. Ye-oh! He just has the most amazing blue eyes. The Nazi's might of had a point with that whole Aryan race thing. Oh no, I did not just think that!? Yes I did! Kidding. I swear.
I watched X-men: First Class again the other day. It's so damn good I really am considering naming it my favourite film of the year so far. Thor of course coming a very close second. I can't wait for it to come out onto DVD. Online watching is well and good when you have no choice, but watching on the television can't be beaten, in my honest opinion.

Speaking of films, I recently saw Friends with Benefits. My friend won free tickets; thank you Heat magazine. Thank you because I really would have been pissed to pay for it. It was...actually I can't say it was completely terrible because there was a few laughs. But they were few and far between and the majority were what we had already seen in the trailers - I hate that! It was just "meh! OK" and "A bit of a let down" if I push with the pessimism.

I have to check back through my book of cinema ticket stubs to see what else I have seen recently. Oh dear fuck! The Inbetweeners. I rarely, actually never, use the word lol in speech. I did when telling a friend how funny this film is. "I lol'ed so hard."
I had been putting off and putting off seeing it because I hadn't seen the television programme; despite my brother loving it and telling me I'd love it too. I'm slightly complex because sometimes I'll see these shows similar to The Inbetweeners and don't at all find it funny, others I'd love. Boys, and girls, talking like that and wanking can either put me off, or make me love a show. I don't fully understand how I can swing both ways on the subject?
So I decided not to spend my cinema ticket until I had a gander at the show. My nephew owns the first two series on DVD so it was easy enough to get a loan and watch.
It is sheer hilarious! The dance scene alone had me in stitches. Dirty, knacker bastards I swear, but the amount of words they have instead of vagina is gas. My sister said about one of the characters: "It's me if I were a boy, isn't it?!"
Why yes, yes it is :D

Up this week is Fright Night. Can't wait! And Jane Eyre. Which I sadly spoiled on my friend.
She was 'meh' about going to see it, but she relented - yay! - and agreed to my face. That was a mistake, I'm like a dog with a bone sometimes. She had heard how its "scary" (I really have to stop her reading all those reviews in Heat magazine) and she kinda was backing out on me a little.
I was shocked that anyone could consider Jane Eyre scary as it's a romance more than anything, and exclaimed my surprise by saying "Scary? How the fuck? It's only the mad wife in the attic."
I thought she knew!!!! I thought she had read the book, I honestly did. I pointed out she said before she read the book and it was one of her all time favourites. She then correctly pointed out that was Wuthering Heights.
So now I totally spoiled the film for her. But she is still coming to see it with me. *Phew* She really is a darling of a friend. I'd be lost without her!
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